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Download e-book for kindle: A Hausa-English Dictionary by Paul Newman

By Paul Newman

ISBN-10: 0300122462

ISBN-13: 9780300122466

This up to date quantity, the 1st Hausa-English dictionary released in 1 / 4 of a century, is written with language beginners and sensible clients in brain. With over 10,000 entries, it essentially covers average Nigerian Hausa but in addition comprises a number of types from Niger and different dialect components of Nigeria.

The dictionary contains new Hausa terminology for items, occasions, and actions of the trendy international. Its definitions express using Hausa phrases in context, and specific consciousness is paid to idioms, figurative meanings, and specified usages. As a consultant to pronunciation, headwords and illustrative sentences are totally marked for tone and vowel size. The e-book adopts a different method of the presentation of verb types that clarifies lexical relationships and their right usage.


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French accompanied: accompagné, accompagnâtes, accompagnas, accompagnai, accompagna, accompagnèrent, accompagnâmes. alarm: alarme, alarmer, alerte, alerter, timbre, sirène, consterner, effroi, abasourdir, abattement, abasourdissement. calmness: calme, repos. corn: maïs, cor, blé, grain. cry: pleurer, cri, crier, vagir. determination: détermination, dosage, résolution. dismounted: démonté, descendu, sorti, sortîmes, sortirent, sortis, sortit, descendîtes, démonta, sortîtes, descendit. emotion: émotion.

The Dutch landed, and gave my people the fire- water; they drank until the heavens and the earth seemed to meet, and they foolishly thought they had found the Great Spirit. Then they parted with their land. Foot by foot, they were driven back from the shores, until French bears: ours. betray: trahir, trahissent, trahissez, trahis, trahissons. betraying: trahissant. bore: ennuyer, percer, forer, alésage, lasser, rencontrer, toucher, vrille, calibre, fatiguer. canoe: canoë, faire du canoë. chestnut: châtaigne, marron, châtaignier.

Bore: ennuyer, percer, forer, alésage, lasser, rencontrer, toucher, vrille, calibre, fatiguer. canoe: canoë, faire du canoë. chestnut: châtaigne, marron, châtaignier. chiefs: chefs. drank: burent. foolishly: de manière sote, de façon sote, sottement. grandfather: aïeul. guttural: guttural. heavens: cieux. hid: cachas, cachâtes, cachèrent, cacha, cachai, cachâmes, masqua, masquèrent, masquâtes, masquas, masquâmes. narrative: récit, relation, narratif. observing: observant, respectant, remplissant.

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