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Download PDF by Harry A. Hoffner: A grammar of the Hittite language: Reference grammar

By Harry A. Hoffner

ISBN-10: 1575061198

ISBN-13: 9781575061191

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85, p. 7, p. 11) and from the writing of this word in alphabetic Ugaritic and Hebrew as spsg we can tell that the consonant in question was /g/. Instead of employing in this case the transcriptional value ga5 for , which is attested in Akkadian and listed in HZL but rarely if ever used by Hittitologists, we would advocate the use of the ‘unmarked’ value qa. We have chosen to employ the CHD procedure in this grammar. Readers will see the letter q used both in transliteration and transcription of Hittite, Luwian, and Hurrian words, and should not assume that this indicates the existence of emphatic velar phonemes in those languages.

In order to distinguish homophones in transliteration, Assyriologists and Hittitologists mark them with accents or subscript numbers. For example, unmarked ba in transliteration indicates the sign first established as having the /ba/ value, bá (with acute accent) denotes the second, bà (with grave accent) the third, ba4 the fourth, and subsequent values are all indicated with subscript numbers. 16 In reading and writing Hittite in transliteration, it is very important to distinguish homophones. Some homophonous values of signs in the Mesopotamian forms of the syllabary are not used for writing Hittite.

22. 12 obv. 23. 4 rev. 17. 2 rev. ’ Because in most of the cited cases the practice seems unnecessary, one wonders why it was done. In cases where it occurs only once or twice, one could surmise scribal error. 22. For the proposal of kit9 see Goetze 1927: 60 and Sturtevant and Hahn 1951: 13 n. 8. HZL #173 cautiously writes this value (as well as kir8) within parentheses in view of Otten (1973: 23), who questioned the use of kit9 (especially in OH) in view of the observation by von Soden and Röllig (1991: 13) that the value /kit/ for the  sign does not occur in Akkadian texts before the first millenniun.

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