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A Grammar of Targum Neofiti - download pdf or read online

By David M. Golomb

ISBN-10: 0891308911

ISBN-13: 9780891308911

Booklet via Golomb, David M.

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15. 16. 17. 18. What parties say is not specified in advance. Relative distribution of turns is not specified in advance. Number of parties can vary. Talk can be continuous or discontinuous. Turn-allocation techniques are obviously used. A current speaker may select a next speaker (as when he addresses a question to another party); or parties may self-select in starting to talk. 19. g. turns can be projectedly ‘‘one word long’’, or they can be sentential in length. 20. g. if two parties find themselves talking at the same time, one of them will stop prematurely, thus repairing the trouble.

7 Y: =‘N= ‘Yeah’ What is immediately recognisable about line 1 is its grammatical completeness as a sentential unit. Moreover it is hearable as a question by virtue of the rising intonation of the final word de↑sho. Without this intonational contour, line 1 would permit an alternative gloss as an assertion: ‘((I)) imagine that two or three would do’, since desho employed without a rising intonation may in specific contexts be glossed as ‘((I)) imagine that . e. that after a question has been produced, the producer of the question should stop speaking, and allow the second speaker to provide an answer.

But it happens that H continues by beginning another TCU: kyo¯ mata ‘as for today, again’. However Y starts up (line 4) at H’s initial possible TRP, thereby overlapping H’s continuing turn. The precise placement of Y’s entry at the initial TRP displays an orientation that a speaker is entitled to one TCU in the first instance, and that speaking beyond an initial TRP is vulnerable to overlap by another speaker. The brief description above provides just a glimpse of the profusion of devices which may be put in motion for projecting the completion of turns.

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A Grammar of Targum Neofiti by David M. Golomb

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