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Download e-book for kindle: A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach by Anne Storch

By Anne Storch

ISBN-10: 9027202958

ISBN-13: 9789027202956

This booklet is an outline of Luwo, a Western Nilotic language of South Sudan. Luwo is utilized by multilingual, dynamic groups of perform as one language between others that shape person and versatile repertoires. it's a language that serves as a method of expressing the Self, as a medium of paintings and self-actualization, and occasionally as a medium of writing. it really is spoken in the house and in public areas, via relatively huge numbers of people that establish themselves as Luwo and as participants of all types of different teams. so one can offer insights into those dynamic and numerous realities of Luwo, this e-book includes either a concise description and research of the linguistic gains and constructions of Luwo, and an method of the anthropological linguistics of this language. The latter is gifted within the type of separate chapters on ownership, quantity, experiencer buildings, spatial orientation, belief and cognition. In all sections of this learn, sociolinguistic info is equipped at any place this is often precious and attainable, precise info at the semantics of grammatical beneficial properties and buildings is given, and discussions of theory-oriented ways to numerous linguistic gains of Luwo are offered.

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All stops, with the exception of the glottal stop, have a distinction for voice in morpheme- and word-initial position. A lack of voice distinction in word-final position is noted in a majority of Western Nilotic languages, and in Luwo, too, this situation appears to prevail. 1) /pʊt/ ‘beat’ : /pʊdɔ̀/ ‘beating’ /cyɛ̀k/ ‘be short’ : /cyɛ́gɔ́/ ‘shortness’ /yác/ ‘be pregnant’ : /yéjɔ́/ ‘pregnancy’ However, there are cases where these constraints on phoneme distribution do not hold. 5 for morphophonological processes).

He further states, about the relationships between these communities (op. : 50): The Jur are excellent iron-workers, and still supply the Dinka with spears, where the two races meet. g. the tribal marking of boys’ heads). They answer readily to the name of ‘Jur’ (the name no longer carrying with it its former insult), but among themselves they are still the Jo Luo. 2), but consistently call themselves Luwo. Tucker also reports that the Thuri (or ‘Shatt’, as he also calls them) split from the Luwo during that time and settled west of them, where they basically lived from hunting and farming.

Nevertheless, two important contributions to Luwo continue to be the two articles by Buth, which deal with the ergative case system (1981a) and the vowel  A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach system (1981b). Data on the case system is clearly elicited, and this has been problematic to a certain point. g. Dryer & Haspelmath 2013), use the analysis provided by Buth as a proof for their hypotheses and as evidence in modelling. As can be seen in Chapter 11, the system looks a bit different when taking into account other, non-elicited data.

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A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach by Anne Storch

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