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Download e-book for iPad: A Grammar of Biloxi by Paula Ferris. Einaudi

By Paula Ferris. Einaudi

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Lst person acting on Znd: ll t* + ayll refer only to 4g zl. + ' I kick you' 13 -lZ 'I throw you away' 86-33 . hi/ 'I see vou' 137-8 , lity$i daha dande/ ll nr + ay + ky*i daha dandEll ll nt + ay + d2hill 'I will scold You all' ll 139-31 nt + ay + kaha dahall - likaha daha/ rI rnean you (P1. )' 156 -18 There is one rnajor excePtion to rule ll ZLz nt + ay + kull does not generate /il$/ as expected, but 'I give you' instead give s /nyiku / (7 6 -86 - , lZ4-24, LZ9 -L8 , 160-16, etc. ). zz. ll ll + "t * "yll lnyl l-_v ,* ll "t ll "t + ay + [dahill + ay + E dill tI seek you' .

When they do, it is almost certainly a case of vowel deletion, e. g. tohoxk frorn tohoxka, thorser. 352. Alrnost all words end in a vowel. Of those that do not, rnost end in lkl or f xf , and here, as with clusters, the examples are usually shortened formse €. g. tox frorn toho, the feIlt. 400. Morphophonernics 1. There are nurrrerous verb roots and two rnode rnarkers in Biloxi with an e-ani alternation. This alternation is conditioned by the following rnorpherne. Morphophonernically, I represent these verbs as ending than the othe rs.

Till ll rrf. + ispe ll . /"tispe/ 'I know how' 138-17 ll L6Z-25 46 lf nt + atarnini ll + /nkatarnini I t I workr nt + i ll . /nki/ 'I drink' Is8-9 ll "t + uma ll , lnkuml/ ' (we) bathe, ff L46-Z The second person rnorpherne ll ZB3b "yll ir subject to the following rules: 18. (opt. ll ) ll "y ll . I aya - yaf / "yll -> k, x lyal: . "y + kide ll lyakide/ 'yog go hornet 161-13 ll "y + ki ll + /yaki/ 'you carry on your backr l5l-lz ll t" * ay + ki + yoh? * ni ll , /ruyakiyoh a ni I ll tshe does not wish for hirn.

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