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By Kyra Sundance

ISBN-10: 1616735562

ISBN-13: 9781616735562

51 dog tips provides dog proprietors the instruments they should train behaviors and tips to their dog via step by step directions and images. so much different dog education books specialize in curtailing undesirable habit. a few have education, yet simply the main uncomplicated methods. Kyra's curriculum differs from that of a hundred and one puppy methods in that the directions are geared for the fewer mature puppy. younger domestic dogs aren't but well-tuned to people, and reply larger to a clicker than to a voice. additionally, younger pups have so few talents that everybody advantages from a strategy known as "shaping" which breaks a habit into minute steps for less complicated studying. And, in fact, domestic dogs obtain additional mild care after we train, centred extra on instilling a love of studying and a conversation pathway instead of attaining the aim habit.

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As soon as your puppy holds eye contact for a second or two, click and give him his reward. This will teach your puppy self-control, and that calm, attentive behavior is rewarded. 1 Get your puppy’s attention with a treat. ” 3 Once your puppy holds eye contact, click, and give him the treat. 4 Use your pointed finger to cue this behavior. TEACH IT: 1 Choose a time when your puppy is tired and calm. Pick her up gently and cradle her on her back in your arms. Hold her securely and sit on the floor or a bed as you do this, so that your puppy won’t fall if she accidently squirms from your arms.

TROUBLESHOOTING CAN I SKIP THE HARMONICA STEP, AND JUST USE MY VOICE? That depends on your puppy. It is generally much easier to elicit a howl with a harmonica than with your voice. TIP! Singing, or howling together is a bonding activity. Your puppy will enjoy this ritual with you. ” 2 Your puppy may give various responses to your harmonica music. 3 Use your voice to imitate a howl, and your puppy will sing along with you. ” Strength, confidence, and body awareness will take time to develop in your puppy, but you can help him by training the tricks in this chapter.

Give her the treat when she exits the tunnel. 2 Toss a treat into a longer tunnel. 3 Call to your puppy so she knows where you are. TEACH IT: 1 Hold your clicker in one hand, and a treat in the other. Start simply by using a treat to lure your puppy onto a plank lying on the ground. Click your clicker when he steps on it with even one paw, and let him have the treat. 2 Position a flat 2” x 4” (5 x 10 cm) board under the middle of the plank. Do not use a round dowel or triangular board, as this can cause the plank to slip when your puppy steps on it.

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