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By Illa Podendorf

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The electricity you have been experimenting with is c u r r e n t electricity. T h e r e is a n o t h e r kind of electricity called static electricity. Another n a m e for it is frictional electricity. You may make some static electricity by r u b b i n g a balloon which has been blown up. Now see whether the balloon will cling to the wall. It will cling because it has been charged with static electricity. You might p u t a piece of tissue p a p e r on a black board and rub it. It will stick to the black board until its charge is gone.

Now rub a hard rubber rod or comb with flannel or fur. Hold the rod near to the puffed rice and notice what happens. The puffed rice will first j u m p to the rod. T h e n they push away from the rod and from each other. This happens because the puffed rice are first attracted to the rod. They get the charge of electricity which the rod has a n d then they are repelled. T h e y push away from each other because they have the same charge of static electricity. C h a r g e s of electricity which are alike repel each other.

Notice which dries first. T h e one in the w a r m place will probably dry first because the little molecules of water will go into w a r m air faster t h a n into cold air. This is because the molecules of w a r m air are moving faster t h a n molecules of cold air. 63 5. Can water be taken out of the air again? Put a small a m o u n t of water in a glass j a r . P u t s o m e ice c u b e s in t h e w a t e r a n d shake t h e m a r o u n d . This makes t h e water a n d j a r very cold. N o w w a t c h w h a t h a p pens to the outside of the jar.

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